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Sex Story: Threesome with My Sister and Best Friend

The first time I had a threesome was, believe it or not, was with my sister, Jenny, and her boyfriend, Eric, who was also a buddy of mine. It was during the summer of my junior and senior year in high school. We were over at his house enjoying the pool at his house, and both of his parents were off at work. My sister is pretty hot, and I won’t deny that I hadn’t thought about having sex with her, but I hadn’t ever acted on it. But I did know my buddy had fucked her a few times, and I envied him for that.

Sex Story: Swinging With The Youth Pastor And Her Husband

When we were first married, Laura and I jumped around a bit looking for a church that was comfortable for both of us. I went to a more conservative Baptists church growing up, by my wife grew up in less conservative Methodist church. When we finally found one that we both thought we could live with, it was a slightly more liberal Baptist church than I would have chosen for myself, but it seemed a good match for us.

Sex Story: Wife Swapping with My Parents

My dad fucked my wife on our first visit after we were married. It was just a weekend visit, but it was well worth it. I love being home, for so many different reasons.

Sex Story: CAPTIVE!

Part 2 - Remembering 

Eighteen years young, rebellious daughter, I told my mom I was leaving the hills of Kentucky and heading to LA. She cried, so did I. A good friend gave me a lift to the bus station where I boarded the bus for the long haul West. I could have flown, I had enough money, however I wanted to see some of the USA I had never seen before. 



Sex Story: My horny neighbor

Hi all! This is my true story that I experienced recently.

I am Jay and a young n sexy one and kind of shy guy with girls. In my neighborhood, there was a girl named Nikki. She had a great body with big breasts, coffee brown hair, black eyes and a coke bottle figure which was really inviting. Sometimes she gave me signals that she wanted me badly but I being a shy guy didn't respond. Our friendship had been going on for about one year now.

Sex Story: An Interracial Creampie Cuckold

I had a great job, amazing friends and a gorgeous wife. Every day seemed like a permanent vacation. Then it all came crashing down. I came home to find my wife sitting in the living room talking to an 18 year old intern from my office. The intern was sobbing and my wife had been crying. Staci was pregnant and she told my wife that I was the only one who could be the father. On the table were a couple of home pregnancy tests. I never emailed or text messaged or anything that could prove anything. I was careful so I denied everything. My wife then started screaming at me hysterically.

Sex Story: Loving Jo

I was lying on a makeshift bed of sofa cushions on the floor of the dining room at Jo's house. My wife and I were visiting her sister Jo, in Hull. The guest bed was too small for my wife and I, so I'd decided to use the sofa cushions on the dining room floor, whilst my wife took the bed.

Jo and I had been lovers for two years, but only managed to get together every six months or so.

Sex Story: Summer 2000

Summer 2000

My mobile phone rang and vibrated on the desk in my site office. I picked it up and glance at the screen to see if it was a recognised number, perhaps even the caller’s name. The screen told me it was the office calling.

“Hello?” I said a second after hitting the green answer button.

“Hello Brad, its Lucy here, I have Mr. Ash on the line for you. Just putting you through.” The line went quiet for a moment.

Sex Story: A Cheating Wife Comforts a Grieving Husband

My husband and I have been married for 16 years and to say that all the passion is gone is an understatement. I have also fallen out of love with him and the thought of any sexual contact with him is unappealing. I had decided to leave him and I told him how I felt. It was a sad situation because we have kids together but I couldn't live like a room mate with him anymore so I thought it would be best to confront the situation head on rather then live out a lie. If that wasn't stressful enough, my best friend Sarah's son died.

Sex Story: A Blackmailed Hubby

Dick and I have only been married for two years but our marriage has been in trouble since shortly after the honeymoon. When Dick first came into my life he was very considerate of me, always opening doors for me, consulting me on every minor decision that involved the two of us, buying flowers for me, pampering me in every way, etc. All that was quickly stopped by him shortly after we got married. I grew very resentful when he stopped doing the household chores. As a

Sex Story: Letting my roommate watch us

My wife and I had been dating for about 3 months when I got a new roommate. Jason was decidedly gay, though he did a good job of covering it up. As far as roommates goes, he wasn't a bad one at all. Most weekends he was gone and didn't come back until late Sunday evening, so on those weekends that Laura and I were strapped for cash and couldn't afford a hotel off base, it was nice to know that we had some privacy in my room. Because it was a training command, having a guest of the opposite sex in your room was extremely regulated.

Sex Story: A Girl's Night Out

A Girls’ Night Out

Sex Story: Theater Education

I was quite a nerd in high school and therefore a virgin when I turned 18. Sex was still a mystery (okay, other than jacking off) but was something that very much interested me. Back then the adult theaters were in full swing and the ads in the paper were catching my eye. So one day not long after my birthday I decided to go see one of those movies.

Sex Story: Special Delivery

I could hear the bell ringing inside the house, and pressed the button again. It was starting to rain, and I was just about to give up and try again later, when, through the frosted glass of the front door, I saw a light come on in the room at the end of the entrance hall, and a figure approaching.

I was delivering a keyboard to a musician friend of my son.- I wasn't expecting to find him in, but had been told that I could leave it with his mother.

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