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Sex Story: Good golly it's Molly

A lady friend and myself decided to go camping one weekend at a local camp ground. We arrived around mid day set up our tent and campsite some.

There were other campers in the area, we could see tents and fires burning, people sitting around, talking whatever.

We had some beers and a couple bottles of wine plus some good weed to smoke to keep us buzzed through the weekend.

It was hot, over 90 degrees and humid, even the shade from the trees wasn’t much help from the brutal heat.



By : Katie Santee


Time seems to catch up with the best of us. I mean our bodies aren't what they use to be. Titties get a little saggy, belly sags a little too...and a few other sags here and there. Hair changes color...either naturally or by a box...but it still isn't what it was in our youth. Nothing is as it was in our youth. Neither is our sexuality. Really???

Really!!! Let me demonstrate for you....












Sex Story: Convinced Cadet Student to Work On Nudist Hippie Ranch

Lynn was a 20 year old who participated in Cadets as a way to pay the high tuition fees at the University she attended. She found that she lived a strict and regimented existence and longed to be finished so she could have some more freedom with her life. Instead of wearing sandals and shorts in the summer she wore black laced shoes, black flanel pants, a collared brown shirt and a dark blazer jacket with a cap. It was a way to pay her tuition. She looked great in it, with her brown eyes, fair freckled skin, voluptuous body, and her light brown hair tied in a bun.

Sex Story: Chapter 4 - The Trial

"I promise I will"

As she removed her hand from the bible and laid her hand along with its partner in the comforts of her lap.

She lifted her head as a tear escaped her green eye and rolled down her pale face, down her naked neck and trailed down between the open valleys of her cleavage.

Fear was in her eyes, this trial will break her. Her freedom will be taken away, forever.

"Miss. You are aware you are on trial for attempted murder?"

She whispered into the microphone, "Yes."

"Let's start from the beginning. When did you first met the victim. "

Sex Story: HOT STUFF



by Katie Santee


Sex Story: Myra's Wedding ruined for better or worse?

Myra’s wedding was ruined; she was kidnapped, raped and sold into sex slavery. This is a story you shouldn't miss.

Sex Story: The Japanese Nurse: Part two

Part 2

            My first week in the hospital had gone better than I ever could have imagined. I have to say that even the food seemed to taste better. Over the weekend, my wife (now ex-wife) stopped by for all of thirty minutes. Apparently, she came to see me on her way to an appointment at her hair stylist. I was so glad she could find her way clear to see me on her busy weekend schedule. (Or, to put it another way, I couldn’t wait for her to leave.)

Sex Story: Meeting Mike

I was traveling home on the interstate one evening, it was around 8:30 I had piss pretty bad, there is a rest stop area between where I have to get off so I stopped in to take a piss. I went in up to the first urinal, whipped my cock out and started pissing.

Just a few short seconds later this dude walks in, comes up to the urinal next to mine, whips out this huge, I mean giant cock, man just man it he said as he started pissing. Looking over Just made it I said, man can you make me one, he looked at me staring at his cock and started laughing.

Sex Story: NO NAME






“Oh, baby, you feel so good! I love having my cock buried so deep in your pussy,” the stranger said as he pumped his dick in and then slowly out of me.

Sex Story: The Japanese Nurse: Part one

I had always wondered how some particular fetish or kinky sexual activities came about. For example, I always wondered how some guys seem to like to get kicked in the nuts. I’ve only ever associated that particular activity with a great deal of pain and occasionally vomiting. However, it will always be, as they say, different strokes for different folks. That said; let me tell you about one of my experiences, which, as it turns out, has led to not just a particular fetish, but to a whole list of other ones.

Sex Story: My First Black Cock

I know that going down there is bad, and that I shouldn't do it, but when I get to the larger city around my home I cant help myself. I have to go to the adult bookstore in the city. I don't go there because I need to buy anything I go for the rooms in the basement,. Its like I am drawn there with no idea what i am going to end up doing or how I am going to turn out, but I go down there anyway.

Sex Story: Maids in Heaven

I always like to keep Fridays free so that I can devote some time to one or more of my numerous interests. I’m trying to learn Spanish at the moment and I’ve acquired some really good courses on CD so for a couple of hours or so I’m plugged in and wander about my flat talking to myself in Spanish.

Sex Story: My favourite red shirt

It’s been a long journey but we’re here at last in the bijou cosiness of a quaint country cottage. Why we’re here and how we got here doesn’t matter but we were really lucky to find that little diner on the way and now all we want to do is relax and unwind.

It’s early autumn and the sun lights up the golden leaves on the trees outside as it slowly sets in the western sky. It isn’t especially cold but there’s a basket of logs by the inglenook fireplace and plenty of kindling so we agree that whilst you go upstairs to shower and change, I’ll set the fire and pour some drinks.

Sex Story: Karen's first planned gang bang went terribly wrong

                                                                    Karen's first planned gang bang went terribly wrong

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