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Sex Story: Chapter 2 – My Birthday Gift To You

Chapter 2 – My Birthday Gift To You

He returned and released his treasure from the bindings and scoped her up within his arms. He walked her down the hall into the bathroom. He placed her in the awaiting bubble bath, surrounded by candles and soft music. He reached over and placed her hair up in a clip on the top of her head. Seeing her laying back in the tub, he admired her timeless beauty.

"Why did you pick me?" He asked.

"I saw who I wanted to be, in you, in your eyes." she replied.

Sex Story: Chapter 1 Under the Milky-Way

Chapter 1: Under the Milky-Way

True Story of the woman I want to be and the desires of the fantasies I have yet to discover.

Sex Story: The sherrif cought Karen naked in a park in Mexico, Part 2

Karen is very competitive, bullheaded to a fault, but can also be quite submissive. More than once I have seen this combination get her in trouble. This would be one of those times.

She told me on the ride to the station that there was no way she was going to let the sheriff get the better of her. She could take anything he dished out. She was ready for anything he wanted her to do. She would do it with a smile on her face. She thought that it was funny that he had made her the star in his crude stag film. I just shook my head, as I knew there was no stopping her.

Sex Story: The sherrif cought Karen naked in a park in Mexico, Part 1

Karen and I drove down to Mexico to celebrate our one year anniversary. It was late June of 2008. We stopped at a little roadside park that was both secluded and beautiful. It was on a small stream with a picnic area. Karen commented that it would be a great place for one of her naked strolls. We agreed that we would return on our way home. It would be late and the moon would be bright.

Sex Story: Karen's first gang bang

Shortly after Karen and I started dating and moved in together, we started frequenting a private club in a nearby town. On Tuesday nights they let in single men and the rules were relaxed on that night. We were only one of a few white couples that were members.

Karen was forty nine years old at the time, but looked much younger. She was five foot five inches tall, one hundred thirty pounds, and very shapely. Her breasts were 38D.

Sex Story: Karen's jealousy got her gang raped.

                                                                   This story starts out as a true story but quickly turns to fantasy.

My girlfriend, Karen, who is now my wife, was very jealous. This sometimes causes problems between us. I never knew what she would do when she gets that way.

Sex Story: Karen caught naked on the construction site, a true story

My girlfriend, "Karen”, who is now my wife, loved the old farmhouse with its beautiful landscaping. It sat on a hillside about two hundred feet off the highway, and was starting to get run down.

One afternoon in April of 2007, as we were passing it, we noticed a sign saying that a new subdivision would be built there.

Karen asked me to stop and dig up some of the beautiful mature plants for her. She wanted to see the inside of the house before it was bulldozed down.

Sex Story: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The Gift that keeps on Giving

Sex Story: Threesome


Sex Story: Pitbull


“Jamika girl I can’t wait to get inside this party. When I get in here, I’m going to get my first drink, get drunk, and dance my ass off. Hell I deserve it!” Tamara Dee said standing in line with her best friend, Jamika Debarge.
Jamika rolled her eyes. “You mean get drunk and get raped?”
Tamara gave Jamika a playful shove. “You know what? You need to relax. Not every dude in the hood wants to dog or hurt you.”
“Dudes in the hood have nothing I want.”
“Well, when we get inside I’m going to find you a man.” Tamara promised.

Sex Story: Dark Angel

Dark Angel

Sex Story: Sabbath



            Kiesha Pullman was at the bar drinking her apple green martini. After a long days hard work at Kroger’s and Wal-Mart (to popular belief), she needed a break. And lucky for her Saturday was the day that she was both off. She should have spent her time staying home and resting but since it was one day only, she decided to go out and do something fun before she came back home, rested, and go back to work again.

Sex Story: What happened when I left Karen NAKED in the park one moon lit night

After losing a bet, my girlfriend Karen, who is now my wife, finally agreed to do one of my fantasies. I wanted to see her left naked and alone on a street corner in the park on a moonlit night.
About a month later I reminded her it was a full moon out, a perfect night for my fantasy.

She did not reply to my suggestion but went into the bedroom.


After Amanda got home she stripped down to her panties and laid down in bed. She began to rub her hands up and her ample tits and then slid her hand down to her crotch and reveled in how wet she was. She then pulled aside the gusset and slid two fingers into her still dripping pussy. As she thought about the experience she just had at work she instinctively removed them, brought them to her mouth and reveled in the taste of her own juices mixed with her bosses cum…………

Sex Story: Volunteering For Project For High Mark

Alice Brewster was a quiet shy first year university student. She was fair skinned, freckles, wore glasses, had red hair down midway to her back. She was a straightlaced business student who always wore formal attire -a collared shirt, a brown blazer, a formal brown skirt to her knees, opaque black stockings and black shoes.

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